Fidel Castro on “Face the Nation” (1959)

This is a CBS news program of Fidel Castro. The Revolution had just deposed the Batista regime and was in its infancy. Castro takes questions from reporters in the program. Castro reveals that his major concern about the shift in public opinion. He wants full support of the people for the revolution to continue.Reporters ask him when will there be free elections. Castro says the time frame was 18 months. Fidel Castro declares that the Constitution of 1940 will remain in effect. The US for decades would show hostility toward Cuba because of its alliance to the Soviet Union and its anti-imperial political stance. The Cold War divided the world between Communist aligned governments to Russia and US backed right-wing dictatorships. Cuba was unique in the sense that it had an alliance with the Soviet Union, but was not a client state.  It worked with the Non-Alignment Movement and fought to end white minority rule in Southern Africa. The US would attempt to assassinate him on multiple occasions.  Cuba for a longtime had been victim to US imperialism in relation to the Platt Amendment and Monroe Doctrine. Castro rise was Cuba’s way of asserting its freedom and sovereignty.


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