Dr. Martin Luther King “Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”

Martin Luther King was opposed to the Vietnam War on several grounds. As a believer in nonviolence  the Vietnam War he could not support. Dr.King could not support the war on the grounds of his Christian  ideology . The war was an extension of colonial rule in a sense when America continued fighting the National Liberation Front  after the French would exit the country. Dr. King criticized the Johnson administration for escalating the war to the point in which it harmed the War on Poverty programs. Martin Luther King also exposes the racism in the war, revealing that there was little sympathy for the  Vietnamese civilian deaths. Dr. King also delineates in the speech how the US sabotaged the Geneva Accords, supported the Diem regime during its mass human rights abuses, and the Ky regime. The contradictions were immense. African Americans fought in the war and could not be guaranteed basic rights. Vietnam was  not free under US backed military dictatorships. Martin Luther King when he opposed the war became repudiated by the Lyndon B.  Johnson administration. King’s anti-war stance is often forgotten, but it was a major part of his philosophy.


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