Rare Qaddafi interview from 1969

This is an interview of Muammar Qaddafi from 1969. The twenty seven year old coronal had come to power in a bloodless coup against King Idris. The British backed monarch was used as a buttress against Nasser’s Egypt. At first Gamal Nasser was fearful of the developments in Libya out of possibility it could threaten its borders. However, Qaddafi was a Pan-Arab nationalist, Pan-Africanist,  and a firm believer in anti-colonial politics. Nasser was his idol and hero. As a young man he regularly listened to Nasser speeches on the radio. The coup was transformed into a revolution  and the new government was the Revolutionary Command Council. He set about nationalizing the oil companies and instituting socialist reforms. Advances in women’s rights, education, and public services increased. The young leader would seek to have Pan-Arab mergers with Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, and Chad. These attempts were not successful, but he  did keep the spirit of Pan-Arabism alive after Nasser’s death in 1970.


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