W.E.B Dubois in His Own Words

These are recordings of the activist and scholar W.E.B Dubois (1868-1963). Originally recorded in 1961, Dubois discusses the state of African Americans and the wider diaspora. At the time become a citizen of Ghana after being exiled from the United States.The Cold War targeted many civil rights advocates  and leftists. Conservatism and oppression combined with paranoia made the United States an even more closed minded and repressive society. Racism and xenophobia had always been the main attributes of American political and social culture, but African Americans continued to resist. W.E.B Dubois was not just active against racism in America, but fought for the cause of decolonization of African and Asian nations. He was one of the principle organizers of the Pan-African Congresses from 1900 to 1945. Dubois advocated the anti-nuclear movement, calling for the ban on nuclear weapons. A staunch supporter for peace, he did advocate African American participation in both World War I and World War II. The reasoning behind this was that no one could make the argument that African Americans were not patriotic. Dubois notes in these recordings that students are pivotal to the movement for social justice and that decolonization will continue no matter how hard the US, UK, and France try to stop it.Besides discussing politics Dubois reveals his early life and his experiences in academia.


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